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1 TB Cloud &
Power Bank System

it’s a 1TB personal cloud system and a high rated power bank that can charge even a Macbook with its 15-watt charging capability. The data can be transferred via WIFI, USB C and USB A. Moreover, it has 20,000 mah 3.7V Li-ion battery. 

Smart cloud system and power bank
STM32 Based solar controller system

STM32 Based Smart Solar Controller System

It’s a smart Solar-Controller system which has dedicated 1GB Flash memory for faster data process and wifi module for easier data transferring feasibility. The system has a lot of functions such as controlling multiple numbers of appliances, circuit security and protection, Sd card, com connector and etc. 

Custom Microcontroller based board for Autonomous Robot

Atmega based custom MCU board with 70 Watt fast-charging function in Boost-Cum-Float mode and with protection function for SLA batteries.This system has, data transferring capability over wifi/Bluetooth/USB, over-current and thermal safety system and charging input and power distribution safety for SLA batteries (12V,20AH)

Moreover, The board is interfaced with GPS, Ultrasonic and Lider sensors, Real-time clock module, DC motor and stepper motor driver, LCD and Sd card, ESP8266-01, DC motor encoder, Magnetic Lock & Weight Scale module

Custom Microcontroller based board for Autonomous Robot
Custom ESP32 based MCU Board

Custom ESP32 Board

It’s a custom ESP32 based MCU board with dedicated inbuilt Real-Time Clock to avoid time drift. This 2-layers board has a voltage input range from 1.5V to 5.5V. The required voltage output with 99% efficiency. Moreover, it has data transferring capability over wifi/Bluetooth/USB serial. And the system is able to sustain for three years by three 2500mAH Alkaline batteries.

20W Power Management System

It’s a power management system which gets an input of around (3.95 +- 0.25 V) from Li-ion battery. The system is able to generate a smooth linear voltage output of 5V/3Amps. Moreover, the system has a fuel gauge which indicates the life and power level of the battery. The functions of the system can be controlled by Raspberry Pi or any kind of microcontrollers. 

Power Management System
RF Reciever
RF Reciever

2.5 Ghz RF Reciever

The system offers exceptional blocking performance, typical values are in the range 98dB to 102dB depending on the measurement method. It has Broadband LNA with gain control followed by a high dynamic range, very high IIP2, I/Q demodulator. The receiver baseband section includes amplifiers and precise, configurable bandwidth, baseband filter stages.

Moreover, the system has a powerful, highly flexible, ultra-low-power Bluetooth 5 Low Energy module. [Frequency : 2.360 GHz to 2.500 GHz–> Modulations : GFSK at 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps data rates]

Automatic PWM based LED dimming Driver

This is system is able to save energy for lighting by 80%. The circuit turns the LEDs by 100% when there is an object around it and dims the LEDs by 80% when there is no object around the LED Tube light and the duty cycle can be controlled.

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