Electronic Engineer

Daniel Ismail

An electronic engineering graduate who is involved in the firmware development, schematic design and PCB layout. Moreover, he is involved in the development research work to update the technology and frequently worked with computing systems, industrial equipment. As a result, he has a solid foundation in research, design, development, troubleshooting, manufacturing and servicing electronic systems.

What I do?

Firmware Development

ARM, ESP32, STM32 based Efficient and modular Embedded software.


System modelling with mathematical equations, Simulink modelling, System designing, root-locus plots charts Digital control system modelling via Matlab and Scilab.

Schematic Drawing

Circuits with efficient, in-market and quality components selection.​

PCB Layout

Bring the schematics to next level professional looking PCBs via Kicad/Altium/Eagle or Orcad.


“Daniel is innovative, dedicated and proactive in developing practical solutions to solve hardware and software problems for electronic system projects. A trustworthy solution provider working with researcher since in the university time. I am glad working with him in projects as he is able to deliver impactful results in a fixed timeline given. A great firmware architect.”

Chong Peng Lean
Assistant Lecturer
Multimedia University,Melaka


“To make a long story short – Daniel is the man! great service, attitude, a real pro, he is thinking person and wants to understand the big picture not just the engineering.”


Aviv Keinan
Aviv Keinan
IoT Integration Specialist
Grators IoT, Tel Aviv